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Newsletters & Articles

The Insurance & Reinsurance Law Review 2018
Israel Chapter
The Insurance and Reinsurance Law Review
Israel Chapter
The Slutzky Case
The Consequences of Breach of a Condition Precedent
Winter 2013/2014
G.O.S. Newsletter - Interpretation of Insurance Contracts
The Coverage Position Letter
A review of Requirements under Israeli Law
September 2012
G.O.S. Newsletter - Subrogation Rights for Foreign Insurers in Israel
Spring 2012
G.O.S. Newsletter - Double Derivative Action Approved, The New Aviation Law, Subrogation - Limits on Home Insurer`s Rights
February 2012
G.O.S. Newsletter - Subrogation Claims for Terror Damage
Spring 2011
G.O.S. Newsletter - Interpretation of Contracts - A New Era?
Winter 2010
G.O.S. Newsletter - Securities Class Action, The Gertler Case (Diamonds), Claims Made Policies
September 2009
G.O.S. Newsletter - Limits on Class Action agains D&O of Provident Funds, Late Notification - Sanctioning the Insured, Time-Bar following negotiations, Liability of Insurer for Consequential Damage - The Sky Club decision
Winter 2007/2008
G.O.S Newsletter - The Insurance Broker - Agent for Insurer or Insured?, Automatic Renewl of Policies, Preparation for Solvency II
Spring 2007
G.O.S Newsletter - Class Action Law - Reforms
Winter 2005
G.O.S Newsletter
Summer 2005
G.O.S Newsletter
August 2004
G.O.S Newsletter
Enforcement of London Arbitration Clause in Aviation Policies Under Israeli Law
Mitigation of Loss and Gross Negligence
Cancellation of Contract in View of Unilateral Mistake – The Court`s Considerations
Claim against the State for Aviation Accidents was rejected
Social Security Scheme – National Insurance and National Health Insurance
The Duty of disclosure by Insureds under Israeli Law
Medical Malpractice Claims in Israel
Insurers Must Provide Their Insureds a Detailed Coverage Position Letter
Reinsurers of Israeli Cedants are Subject to Jurisdiction of the Israeli Courts
Israeli court interprets the term "carriage of persons for reward" under the Warsaw Convention
Increased fiduciary duty of an attorney representing both the insurer and the insured
The Commissioner of Insurance is authorized to intervene in disputes between the insurer and the insured
Allocation between Different Insurers
Israeli Court Severely Restricts Ability to Bring Class Actions Against Directors and Officers of Provident Funds
Some observations regarding insurance regulation issues in Israel
Interpretation of Insurance Policies
Introduction to Israeli Labor Laws General Principles
Public Committee- Medical Malpractice Insurance in Israel
Some Comments on Medical Malpractice Claims in Israel
Interesting Reforms in the New Class Action Law
Israeli Courts Give Effect to a Judgment of The English Court on The Point of Jurisdiction
The Court`s Attitude towards Prerequisites in a Policy
Is the Insurance Agent the Assured`s Agent?
Increeased Discloser Duties in Professional Indemnity Policies with Retroactive Cover
Limiting the Limitation Period
The Right of Subrogation under Israeli Insurance Law

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