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Public Committee- Medical Malpractice Insurance in Israel
In December 1993 a public committee was appointed by the Israeli Government in order to investigate medical malpractice insurance in Israel and the possibility to limit, by law, the sums awarded by the courts in cases of medical malpractice claims. Among the reasons for appointing this committee was public perception that the amounts of the claims, and the sums awarded by Israeli courts, had increased significantly. The committee published its conclusions and recommendations in 1999.

One of the main conclusions of the committee was that there are no real ground for the public perception, and that in fact, the number of claims filed in court and the amounts awarded had not significantly increased.

The committee published some interesting information as follows:
-Over the period 1980-1994 insurance companies paid $ 8.5 M per year under malpractice policies.
-Between the years 1992-1995, 415 claims were filed against doctors in Israel. (For comparison- in the same period, 650 claims were filed against lawyers.)
-Between the years 1980-1990 (10 years) MDU paid to General Sick Fund a total sum of £ 3.5 M (equivalent to about US$ 6.46M). Of this total amount during the year 1989/1990 MDU paid a sum of £ 1.5 M (equivalent to US$ 2.72 ).
-Inbal Insurance Co. which dealt with handled all claims filed against the State hospitals for the nine year period 1985-1994, paid during these nine years a total sum of $ 15 M and maintained reserves for pending files in the sum of $36.5M, i.e. the total amount of claims during those nine years was about $M50.


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