Aviation & Tourism

The Firm has expertise and reputation in aviation law and represents airlines and other companies in the aviation and tourism sector.
The services in the aviation industry include, inter alia, legal services to airlines and companies in matters relating to aviation and tourism law, legal consulting on various aviation law matters, contract drafting and negotiating, transactions – purchase, sale, sale & lease back, leasing and many other legal services.
The firm also specializes in aviation security matters and various aviation regulatory issues.

Compliance and Regulatory Issues

The Firm provides legal services, which focuses on compliance and regulatory issues for the aviation industry, including Aviation Law regulations, anti-trust and Passengers rights.
The Firm also advises companies in the unique regulatory regime for airlines operating in Israel.

Contracts and Commercial Transactions

The Firm is involved in contract negotiating and drafting for transactions, which involve aviation and tourism matters, including purchase of aircraft, sale, sale & lease back, leasing agreements for aircraft and engines, financing and other commercial matters.
The Firm also specializes in aviation security matters, including special agreements, which involve security issues and various aviation regulatory issues.


The Firm also specializes in aviation litigation and represents airlines in claims, which are filed to Israeli Courts, including claims for damages during flight, which are governed by Montreal Convention, and claims for delay or cancellation of flights under Aviation Services Law.
The Firm also represents insurers of airlines in various claims, which are filed against such airlines and covered under Aviation Insurance Policies.