The Firm has an extensive insurance and reinsurance practice with focus on representing foreign insurers and reinsurers operating in Israel. Members of the Firm routinely advise foreign insurers and brokers on a variety of matters of Israeli law. The Firm cooperates with foreign law firms from the U.S., UK and Continental Europe, with whom international insurance cases are handled jointly.

All partners have extensive insurance law experience, including in the following fields:

Directors & Officers (D&O)

For many years, members of the Firm have handled the largest legal disputes involving D&O insurance cases. We handle, as monitor lawyers, highly complex cases, including class actions and derivative actions.

The firm has also considerable experience is drafting policies in this type of insurance.

Professional Indemnity (PI)

The Firm specializes in handling large and complex cases, on behalf of insurers and reinsurers, in all categories of professional indemnity including lawyers, architects and engineers, insurance agents, investments, consultants, accountants and other self-employed professionals.

The Firm also handles Technology E&O insurance matters for insurers who insure high-tech companies.

Banking and Financial Institutions

Members of the Firm have been involved in many of the major Bankers Blanket Bond claims involving Israeli banks situated both in Israel and abroad. In this context, the Firm members have also litigated third party claims against banks, in order to protect the common interests of insurers and the banks and have gained experience in various aspects of banking law. The Firm has handled some of the largest embezzlement cases in financial institutions in recent years. The Firm represents E&O and D&O insurers of major provident, pension and mutual funds and has experience in complex claims launched against financial institutions.


The firm specializes in handling Cyber events on behalf of insurers.
Our Firm established a special Cyber Team, which specializes in various aspects of handling cyber events. The Cyber Team is dedicated to manage all aspects of such cyber events, which are relevant to the Israeli market, in the most professional manner, efficiently, promptly and effectively.
The Cyber Team handles various types of cyber events including cyber ransom attacks, privacy breach events and denial of access attacks.
Our firm also has considerable experience is drafting Cyber insurance policies including adapting such insurance policies to the Israeli law.

Product Liability

The Firm has experience in handling complex product liability cases regarding many distinct products. Some of these cases involve mass tort litigation with vast numbers of plaintiffs.


The Firm has extensive experience, including litigation, in various aspects of property insurance. This expertise includes defense work, policy drafting, examination of policy coverage and other issues such as reinsurance, double insurance, underinsurance, coinsurance and policy layers.

Pollution and Contamination

The Firm is involved in cases of environmental chemical waste pollution. In addition, members of the Firm have successfully defended insurers` interests in complex contamination cases of food, beverages and various consumer products. The Firm advises on policy wordings in this area.

Jewelers Block

Members of the Firm have extensive experience in handling major diamond and other specie insurance cases in Israel and are well acquainted with the issues unique to this highly unique class. The team consists of experienced lawyers who have specialized in the various covers for diamonds, jewellery and other specie (including J.B., O.T. and sendings policies and worldwide coverage). Members of the Firm have dealt with most of the major legal issues and claims in this unique field in Israel and abroad. In addition, the team has been involved in drafting policy wordings.

Aviation and Marine

The Firm carries out defence work in cases relating to aircraft accidents including accidents where the Montreal Convention is applicable. The Firm also has experience in matters involving hangar keepers’ liability. In marine insurance the Firm handles matters relating to marine hull, cargo disputes and carriers and freight forwarders liability including third party liability cases in these areas.

Medical Malpractice and Clinical Trials

Members of the Firm have developed expertise in medical malpractice claims, including representation of hospitals, sick funds and general medical practitioners and specialists. The Firm also provides legal advice in connection with regulatory matters and mandatory clinical trials insurance in Israel and defends claims alleged to have arisen from clinical trials.

Subrogation Claims

Following payment of valid claims, the Firm’s litigation department frequently files subrogation claims on behalf of insurers. The Firm’s members have a good success record in achieving recoveries for insurers.

Compliance, Regulatory Matters and Contracts

The Firm advises foreign insurers and brokers regarding insurance regulation in Israel and maintains regular contact with the office of the Commissioner of Insurance.
Policy Wordings – The Firm frequently advises underwriters and insurers regarding wordings of policies in relation to Israeli law and represents them before the Commissioner of Insurance when approval of wordings is required. Members of the Firm have been engaged in merger and acquisition transactions between insurers, insurance brokers and coverholders.

Audits and Risk Surveys

Members of the Firm regularly conduct reviews and audits of local insurance companies and insurance brokers on behalf of foreign insurers and reinsurers doing business in Israel.